‘Cuadernos de Urbanismo’ Presentation

Our professor of Urbanism presents his two books, “Cuadernos de Urbanismo I y II “

These books are the result of a lifetime devoted to planning and teaching.

Luis has seen fit to donate to the UFV their knowledge in these two wonderful books that will be our textbooks for the subjects he teaches urban planning , and somehow are testimony to a long and successful professional and teaching career .

They come to accompany the act and make the presentation along with Luis Rodriguez – Avial :

  • Jose Maria Alvarez del Manzano (Mayor of Madrid from 1991 to 2003 )
  • José María Domínguez Ezquiaga (Dean of COAM)
  • Ms . Leticia Rosillo Portalatín (graduated by the UFV Architect and Optimus Award 2013-14 )

Project’s Visit to Usera

How to know the place where a project falls without visiting it? Following the innovative methodology Architecture UFV intends, our Final Year students paid a visit to the urban area of ​​Usera, where there are some examples of collective housing program and most unique architecture Madrid.

Jörg Kühn

The architect Jörg Kühn visits us to chat with our students of all courses on ‘Reflections of Architecture’ with the thread ‘person-centered’ projects 2nd year our campus.

Visit of Luis Palacios

The architect Luis Palacios visits the 3rd year students with his presentation “Urban Media”. Taking advantage of the opening of our new classroom project, students of all levels filled workshop projects.

Talks with Victoria Alburquerque

The architect Victoria Albuquerque visits us to explain the keys to the ‘Mass Housing Height’. This topic will be the leitmotif of the entire course of 3rd year projects with teachers Elena Farini and Pablo Ramos.