CAN LIS | Jorn Utzon

Our teacher and recently PhD Architect, Manuel de Lara will explain one of the most important housing examples form all around the world. Analyzing Jorn Utzon’s Works, the students will discover the main points about ‘Can Lis’, as a preparing talk to Mallorca’s trip.

Conferences: Silence Noise

UFV offers a series of conferences whose breathing is to promote the experience of meditation and contemplation as a means to perfect and achieve harmony in our lives. The first set to music as a means to aesthetic experience, we will discuss the second inner silence and enlightening meditation; and last, beauty that amazes us and opens the soul, in the person and work of a genius like Gaudi.

Urban Conectivity at Rem Koolhaas’ Works

Our teacher of TFG Joaquin Casares Mosquera makes reading your thesis. Know in depth the work of Rem Koolhaas and his contributions to modern urbanism is the storyline of this elaborate work.

Thesi’s Reading – Prof. Daniel Movilla

Our assistant professor of FDP Daniel Movilla Vega performs his doctoral thesis ‘Housing and Revolution’ led by Carmen Espegel and Tom Lodenijk at the Polytechnic School of Madrid.

The tribunal will consist of architects José María Lapuerta, Ginés Garrido, Jose Morales, Zaida Muxi and Simona Orsina.

Thesi’s Reading – Prof. Manuel de Lara

Our professor of Construction Manuel Lara Ruiz makes reading his doctoral thesis ‘Can Lis : The footprint of the architecture of Jorn Utzon through his work’ .

The tribunal will be composed of architects of Jesus Aparicio , Hector F. Elorza , Carlos Labarta , Alejandro Gomez and Angel Martinez Garcia.