International Workshops

Geneve ’16

Between November 29 and December 6 3rd year our students have traveled to Geneva for the implementation of the first part of the exchange with the Hepia University.

They have worked on the development of ‘ Leman – Workshop’ working with senior students , generating interdisciplinary working groups on issues affecting all levels of the current project development .

Geneve ’15

The Workshop 3rd year students this year will be in collaboration with the University of Hepia about uninhabited territory .

Guests Swiss School students participate with our students an experience which includes a guided tour of Madrid River bike , COAM LASEDE talks by Carlos Rubio Carvajal and Javier Hernandez and a presentation on territory by Miriam Garcia.

From 23 to February 27, 2015

Delft ’13

Our 3rd year-students travel back to an international Workshop. In collaboration with TU Delft, our boys travel to the most contemporary for projects in collaboration with senior pupils Dutch architectural europe .

The architecture , the landscape , the contemporary and efficiency are the main areas in which our boys worked , bringing different views together to set up an international working group , which generated conclusions are valid for any current architectural framework .

The study of the current city allows to know not only the shortcomings and problems , and also allows the creation of new opportunities and project diversity.

Viseu ’12

Alternates in this workshop , work within the faculty with scheduled visits by teachers. This new Spanish-Portuguese exchange brings the symbiosis between students of different courses , without noticeable difference university development .

The combinative experience of alternating visits and work proposed a different way of working , in which the experiences obtained in the same day, were embodied in the sketches , drawings and images generated our students to achieve projects .