International Journeys

Copenhagen 2015


In 2015 the school held its annual trip to Copenhagen . They participated in different activities proposed from Grado to enjoy this trip as a real teaching experience. They know first hand contemporary , classical and modern architecture of their teachers in the classroom and architects who received them in his own studio . It was a unique experience , which each year is part of our academic development.

Photos courtesy of Lucia Alcazar


Vienna 2014


Vienna was chosen as the annual trip destination for students of Architecture UFV.

For a week they discovered the jewels of a European capital of Vienna importance , knowing first hand the most representative architecture explained on site by local teachers and architects. We enjoyed the city, the weather, the people … and even music.

Slovenija 2013


The package tour aims to provide an experience for all the students of the university in a destination where current architectural interests converge and outstanding examples of the history of architecture .

The main destinations are the capital , Ljubljana, Zagreb and Rijeka. We were able to visit the universities of Ljubljana and Zagreb for academic exchanges , making a critical bilateral session in which students from both universities held a brief presentation in English.

London 2012


The journey to London was also proposed as a unique opportunity , as we move to know a city in the moments before the celebration about Olympics when London pass to be in the views all around the world .

Besides being able to see the city differently , with the help of teachers and teachers, the opportunity arises to visit architectural firms , relevant in this city. International studies based in London , as Zaha Hadid Architects , Foster & Partners, FOA , or David Chipperfield architects are available to see from the inside how they make their proposals in Europe and the world.