In the summer of 2011 as a small step to finish my college degree in architecture, I felt the need to undertake a new adventure, entirely created by myself, in order to test my abilities in a completely unfamiliar environment, which only he speaks the language. I made a suitcase full of illusion, samples of my professional work, and a long list of architectural firms, among which, was determined to find a job within a month. And after much effort, persistence and perseverance, the long-sought opportunity was, crossed my path. I enjoyed for two and a half months of work experience in the large architectural firm Chapman Taylor, a study with 17 international offices of architects, urban planners and designers, and working in 80 cities throughout the world.

The treatment and compliments received by the skills acquired during the time he had developed as a student at that time, were excellent. This is, to date, the most valuable personal and professional experience in my career as a student of architecture. Within this architecture studio, I could share my time and work with professionals from all cultures and nationalities imaginable. It was very rewarding both personally, and professionally participate in large projects, visit them, and years later built them.

In my career, I meant the reaffirmation that perseverance is a friend of the good opportunities