What does ‘Erasmus UFV’ offer?

Have a different international experience!

  • Each year we received 30 students from different schools to share classrooms with our students in all degree courses
  • Our students are to stay in the UK, Slovenia, Brazil and France with excellent academic results
  • All courses taken in your Erasmus are equivalent to you cursarías that course in our school
  • Because the architecture has an international vocation, and therefore we offer the possibility that internationalization is part of your college experience

What is our student’s experience?


The experience at Coventry University was one of the most rewarding of my life. The opportunity to pursue a full year in an English-speaking country was a challenge for me. Being able to enjoy this experience in the study of architecture, he has made me know a new environment in a unique way.




What did it mean for me to Erasmus?

Take a deep breath. Lost the desire to fall in love with everything around me.

Escape from a world to get into something completely new and unknown where you re-live it all like a little child discovering things for the first time. The language, friends, the university, the city …

Rome is really eternal, be in the most beautiful city in the world for a year it is something that can not be matched. But I do not stay with Rome.

I prefer pasta, pizza, Italian, Peroni, travel, trastevere, my classmates, my Italian friends, my friends Erasmus, the beach, parks, San Lorenzo, the song of the sun … I could not stop never to enumerate everything that I’ve been there.

So, to summarize, not making the slightest effort to get out of the usual clichés, the Erasmus year has been the best year of my life.